NOMAD Group is a dedicated team of software & game developers, reverse engineers and most importantly gaming enthusiasts. The team has developed dozens of mods and toolkits and contributed to major multiplayer and game modding projects over the past years.

Our motivation
We are convinced that the success of future games is based on the multiplayer and UGC / modding experience nowadays . People don’t want to play their games alone. They want to experience the game with their friends and with their communities. They want to modify games to their liking. This includes the possibility to customize their game as they imagine, for example, by creating custom gameplay scripts, modify the maps and import their own or update existing assets like textures or 3d models.

NOMAD aims to provide a possibility for all developers and players to achieve this goal with an all-in-one tool. With our previous multiplayer and modification platforms, we created showcases proving that not only single player experiences with mods but also custom multiplayer experiences are a true pleasure.

Establishing Corporations
Our vision is to establish cooperations between modification creators on the one side and game developers and publishers on the other side. We are convinced that all parties of such a collaboration benefit while each parties interests are getting respected. Such a collaboration requires balacing the interests of all parties, but we believe that an open-minded collaboration is a win-win situation, not only for the modders and game developers but also for the players and communities.

Our history
Our story begins in early 2015 when Martin and Jan started working together on GTA:Multiplayer, a multiplayer modification for Grand Theft Auto V.

Martin is an experienced developer, reverse engineer, game modder and has a long history of writing multiplayer mods. He started working on mods back in 2008 with his contribution to projects like SA:MP and MTA:SA. Followed by IV:MP (GTA IV), GTA:MP (GTA V), JC3:MP (JustCause 3), M2Multiplayer (Mafia 2) and a couple of other side projects, he managed to improve his skills and extend his knowledge about game engines, multiplayer development
and reverse engineering.

Jan joined the GTA: Multiplayer team shortly after releasing GTALua , a mod for GTA 5 which allowed modders to develop addons in Lua, in early 2015. He has been contributing to other modding projects before and has specialized in engine development and performance optimizations.

At the end of 2015, Take2 asked us to shut down GTA: Multiplayer as it was seen as a rival to their business model GTA:Online. In early 2017 Martin and Jan, who were already working together back at GTA:Multiplayer, made the decision to found Nomad Group. The basic concept for the project was to create a collective of talented and experienced developers to collaborate and create frameworks and moficiations together.

Since 2019, we actively collaborate with Ubisoft (Toronto) to create modification and UGC platforms.

In April 2020, we released our first official Ubisoft approved modification, Watch_Dogs: 2 ScriptHook. Followed by Watch_Dogs: Legion ScriptHook in April 2021, we continued to provide modding platforms and tools for the community.

Currently NOMAD is working on a couple of not publicly disclosed projects. Make sure to follow our social media to stay up to date.

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