Development Blog #14 – Watch_Dogs Legion ScriptHook – Update 2.1

Hey Folks!

It’s been some time but – rest assured – we’re still committed to the Watch Dogs franchise! Today we’re releasing Legion ScriptHook 2.1 which contains a lot of the requested improvements and fixes for the Character Creator:

  • Added the ability to search through lists
  • You can now mark items as “favorites” to easily find them in lists
  • Various UI Fixes (Scrolling, Better support for low resolutions, Larger lists)
  • Full Changelog here

Collaboration with Overwolf

We’re happy to announce that we are officially collaborating with Overwolf on enhancing your modding experience.

Overwolf brings mod creators and mod users for a variety of games together by providing a platform to create, share and manage mods. Curseforge – their distribution platform – now features a brand new category for Watch_Dogs: Legion. All mods that you can access via Curseforge are validated, meaning they have been checked for viruses, malware and other suspicious content. Additionally, there are plenty of benefits for mod creators when publishing their work on Curseforge, like offering your mod creations to a broader audience.

Additionally, we have some news and unannounced projects in the pipeline. Stay tuned as we’ll announce more details soon.


Watch_Dogs Legion ScriptHook 2.1 will be provided via 2 distribution channels:

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