Development Blog #15 – Watch_Dogs Legion UNITED announcement

We’re happy to finally share and announce our work on our latest project, Watch_Dogs Legion
. This project is our latest installment for Legion, bringing you a fully custom multiplayer
modding platform
. With Legion United you are able to host dedicated multiplayer servers with
custom scripted gamemodes for your community.

This project is still heavily in development. Our initial Early Access release will contain a Deathmatch
gamemode, with the intention to stress-test weapon and on-foot synchronization, as well as general stability and performance testing. NOMAD Group is hosting these Deathmatch servers, in which you will be able to play a free-for-all mode with up to 32 players.

You might wonder why we decided to go with an Early Access version with limited functionality. Our
goal with this project is to develop this mod alongside our community. Your input will shape the
future of this project. We want to hear your thoughts, ideas and feedback. Together, we want to
work on our roadmap and decide which features to develop and deliver next.

In the next major releases, we will publish server binaries, scripting documentation and host a public
server list where you can find new communities.

Starting next week, we will release development blogs on a regular schedule to keep you updated on our progress. After the initial release, we will organize play-together events to bring together as
many players as possible. Join our Discord to not miss any updates.

The first Early Access version of Watch_Dogs Legion United will be available on June 28th 2022 via

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