Development Blog #4 – Networking & M2Plus UI

Welcome back to our fourth Development Blog! This week there again has been some more progress which we’re now going to share with you.

As usual there has been lots of progress on NomadFX, our new common library for hooking, rendering, resource management and way more. There have been improvements to the DirectX 9 rendering pipeline as well as our hooking library, internally called NomadIO, which received some clean-ups, and more internal improvements.

We’ve started updating our networking library to use Valve’s GameNetworkingSockets 7 library, replacing ENet which is the library we’ve been using before. This is important to us since our mods are focused around multiplayer and as such we require a stable, fast and secure networking implementation. The switch will allow us to create a better multiplayer experience for our mods and opens up the possibility of easily integrating Steam features such as direct join.

More progress has been done on NomadFX UI, our unified UI framework for all our mods, and we’re excited to share a screenshot of what the M2Plus UI might look like:


Keep in mind that this is a very early concept and we might still change things around. Let us know what you think of the current design!

Finally, we’ve finished moving our infrastructure server to a new host. As mentioned in the previous Dev Blog the server will be used to build, test and later host our mods.

And that’s all we have to share for this week! With some team members being back from vacation there certainly has been more progress than last week. See you next week!

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