Development Blog #5 – Weekly Roadmaps

Good local time of day everyone! After last week has not been eventful enough for a full Dev Blog entry this week we again have some things to share with you.

Firstly, there have been several improvements to NomadFX. We’ve greatly improved startup performance by caching the results of some certain expensive operations so they don’t have to be run every time the game is launched. We’ve also moved to an updated compiler which allows for better code optimization and thus better runtime performance and done some general code and build improvements.

Furthermore, we’ve conducted some internal theoretical planning for our mods and frameworks. We are not quite happy with our current speed of progress so we’ve decided to improve our internal workflow by setting up weekly roadmaps. These roadmaps will contain key points that we’d like to work on during that week. We’re hoping that this will help us stay focused on important targets which are required to be implemented properly. This should speed up development and boost general motivation to work on our mods.

We hope this Blog entry gave you an idea of what we’re trying to do to achieve better overall productivity. As before most work will be done directly on NomadFX which in turn will power all of our mods, so work done on NomadFX will benefit all current and possibly future mods. See you next week!

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