Watch_Dogs Legion ScriptHook Announcement

Hello everyone!

Today we are excited to announce our next project: ScriptHook for Watch Dogs: Legion.

Legion ScriptHook comes with a feature-rich Trainer which allows you to experience London in entirely new ways. If you’ve used our WD2 ScriptHook, you can imagine the mayhem that is about to overrun London.

The included scripting engine allows you to create and run fully custom scripts which can interact with the UI, the map and objects within it, allowing DedSec members to create their fully custom, never-before-seen in-game experiences.
Additionally, just as our previous project, WD2 ScriptHook, Legion ScriptHook is officially approved by Ubisoft!

Be sure to keep a close look on our social media during the next few days, as we will drop the announcement trailer tomorrow as well as posting more information about Legion ScriptHook and the features we have prepared for you!

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In the meantime, if you want to be one of the very first to try out Legion ScriptHook, you can apply for our exclusive Early Access Testers Program here:
<<The program has ended>>.

Stay Tuned, DedSec Members!

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