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Watch_Dogs Legion ScriptHook Announcement
NOMAD Group is announcing a ScriptHook for Watch Dogs: Legion in the 12th development blog.
Development Blog #11 – Watch Dogs 2 ScriptHook Update 1.2
In development blog 11, we are releasing an update for our Watch Dogs 2 ScriptHook (1.2).
Development Blog #10 – MPlus – Mafia Definitive Edition ScriptHook
In our 10th development blog, we are releasing a ScriptHook for Mafia: Definitive Edition.
Development Blog #9 – Watch_Dogs 2 ScriptHook Update 1.1
In the 9th edition of our DevBlog's, we are releasing Watch Dogs 2 ScriptHook 1.1 with new features and lots of fixes.
Development Blog #8 – Watch Dogs 2 ScriptHook Release
In this development blog, we are releasing Watch Dogs 2 ScriptHook 1.0 and more information on features, modding abilities, etc.
Development Blog #7 – ScriptHook, Early Access & Trainer
In the 7th development blog, we are announcing more information on the Watch Dogs 2 ScriptHook and our plans for an early-access program.
Development Blog #6 – Ubisoft Cooperation
In our most exciting development blog yet, we are officially announcing our cooperation with Ubisoft and updates and announce WD2 ScriptHook.
Development Blog #5 – Weekly Roadmaps
This weekly development blog covers smaller optimization improvements and a basic overview of our roadmap.
Development Blog #4 – Networking & M2Plus UI
The fourth development blog covers information about our NomadFX networking progress and on UI for M2Plus.
Development Blog #3 – M2Plus/WD2MP + NomadFX
The third development blog of our series, this one covers some information about our launcher and progress on M2Plus and WD2MP.
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