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It’s been a while since our last (actual) announcement, however we finally have exciting news to share with you:

Nomad Group is excited to release the Mafia Definitive Edition ScriptHook!

Download & Installation

The Installation process of MDESH is dead-simple:

  1. Download HERE
  2. Install
  3. Done, start the Game

Find out more here about the installion process.


Our initial release will include various Trainer features such as:

  •   Player Hacks (Godmode, Weapons Menu, Model Changer, Hide Player, Toggle Physics)
  •   HUD Customization (Toggle everything, Radar, Speedometer)
  •   Environment Customization (Weather, Traffic, Police, Water)
  •   Vehicle Tweaks (Vehicle Spawner, Nitro, Repair, Open/Close Doors, Change Color, Change License Plate Text, and more)
  •   Discord Rich Presence
  •   …and more to come!


Modders will be able to create fully custom scripts, UIs and missions running within the game’s Lua engine. Additionally, you will be able to find references on all available scripting functions, both vanilla and custom-added by the SH, on our wiki at We will add even more functionality to the trainer and scripting system in future updates!

Closing Notes

Thank you all so much for your support over the past few months. Only thanks to you all we have been able to create the mods we released, and it was a huge pleasure to see all of you having fun and breaking the games with our ScriptHook modifications. We will continue working on or projects for a long time, delivering new updates and features.

Have Fun!
– NOMAD Group

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