Development Blog #3 – M2Plus/WD2MP + NomadFX

Hello and welcome to our third Development Blog! This week has not been as eventful as the previous ones but there was still some important progress.

We’ve started porting parts of M2Plus to build on top of our new NomadFX framework, which is now able to launch and host both M2Plus and, finally, WD2MP, which took many weeks to get to launch due to some obscure handling in the game’s engine. In the future more and more features of the mod’s codebases will be integrated into NomadFX.



Furthermore there have been some fixes and improvements to the internal communication between Host and Uplay and some structural code changes.

As already stated in the introduction there hasn’t been as much progress done this week in comparison to the previous weeks but that is to be expected from hobby-driven collaborative projects such as this one. It doesn’t mean we lost interest in the project, it just means we’ve been more busy with our personal lives this week; some of the team members have also been on vacation. Progress comes and goes. We are steadily working on NomadFX in preparation for the future.

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