Development Blog #7 – ScriptHook, Early Access & Trainer

Helllo everyone!

As we’ve announced in the last dev blog we’ve been working hard on a Watch Dogs 2 ScriptHook which will allow you to experience the game in (chaotic) ways you surely haven’t seen before. We want to share some more details as well as new exciting progress with you.

Trainer Included

We already showed a sneak peek of the ScriptHook console in the last announcement. However, consoles with lots of text are scary and not easy to use, so there has been a new addition to the mod: A UI-Based and customizable menu feature.


Currently the Trainer menu will allow you to become invincible, have unlimited ammo, get any weapon available in the game (even WD1 weapons!), as well as spawning and repairing any vehicle (such as unused bicycles). You can also try unused weather presets and change the time of day. There are more features on the way!


If you have any ideas for more features we should include in the release, please let us know right here in the forums or in Discord!

And even if a feature is missing: With custom scripts, menu functionality is fully customizable using Lua, with the initial release supporting Submenus, Buttons and Checkboxes and more on the horizon, meaning virtually infinite possibilities for menus which anyone will be able to install! The Trainer script is fully written in Lua.

Sidenote: Wanna know what happens when you spawn a ton of cars? Guess what.


ScriptHook Console

At the moment, the ScriptHook Console offers everything the Trainer menu can do, with some additional commands: You can spawn any archetype in the game, change your player model to other NPCs (or even animals), teleport to any position and even execute fully custom Lua snippets that run within the Game’s scripting environment.

Early Access Program

As we mentioned we are planning to open our Early Access program for WD2SH soon, which means we are looking for people eager to try out every feature and report feedback on what works, what not and what is missing.

If you’re interested, apply here for your chance to try it early: <<The program has ended>>
(Note: As this is an early in-development version, bugs and crashes are expected, as well as a reduced feature set)

You should probably also join our Discord Server , if you haven’t already, which is where we’ll manage the Early Access Program and announce new updates and progress.

After we’ve ironed out any major bugs reported by our testers, we’ll do a public release some time this April! Note though that you will need to legitimately own the game on Uplay (Steam version not yet supported) to run the mod. You also won’t be able to play online, for obvious reasons.

Still, the Trainer offers enough fun in Singleplayer! Watch what happens if you spawn about… 2 well, a lot of helicopters in one spot:

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