Development Blog #17
Hello everyone, welcome to our next development blog! Today, we want to give you an update on our progress of Watch Legion United – which is on its way to the first major release: version 2.0. As promised, with version 2.0 we will finally release server binaries, allowing you to set up and join custom...
Watch_Dogs: Legion UNITED out now
Hey Folks! We’re happy and excited to share that Watch_Dogs Legion UNITED has been released for Early Access today! Installation For installation instructions, head over to NomadDB. Community events We’re planning to run a few community events to ensure maximum stress testing of our platform. Dates are: 1st July 2022 – 8:30pm CET 3rd July...
Development Blog #14 – Watch_Dogs Legion ScriptHook – Update 2.1
Hey Folks! It’s been some time but – rest assured – we’re still committed to the Watch Dogs franchise! Today we’re releasing Legion ScriptHook 2.1 which contains a lot of the requested improvements and fixes for the Character Creator: Added the ability to search through lists You can now mark items as “favorites” to easily...
UBISOFT Stories Article on collaboration
Ubisoft recently published a new article on their UBISOFT Stories website, talking about our collaboration and how Ubisoft and NOMAD together enhanced the experience for Watch_Dogs: 2 and Watch Dogs Legion with modding. Please follow the link below for accessing the full article
Development Blog #13 – Watch_Dogs Legion ScriptHook – Update 2.0
In development blog 13, we are releasing update 2.0 for Watch Dogs: Legion ScriptHook with many exciting new features.
Development Blog #12 – Watch_Dogs Legion ScriptHook – Update 1.1
In development blog 12, we are releasing our first update for Watch Dogs: Legion ScriptHook - Version 1.1
Watch_Dogs Legion ScriptHook – OUT NOW
NOMAD Group is releasing our ScriptHook for Watch Dogs: Legion.
Development Blog #9 – Watch_Dogs 2 ScriptHook Update 1.1
In the 9th edition of our DevBlog's, we are releasing Watch Dogs 2 ScriptHook 1.1 with new features and lots of fixes.
Development Blog #8 – Watch Dogs 2 ScriptHook Release
In this development blog, we are releasing Watch Dogs 2 ScriptHook 1.0 and more information on features, modding abilities, etc.
Development Blog #7 – ScriptHook, Early Access & Trainer
In the 7th development blog, we are announcing more information on the Watch Dogs 2 ScriptHook and our plans for an early-access program.
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