Development Blog #11 – Watch Dogs 2 ScriptHook Update 1.2

The release of Watch Dogs: Legion is just around the corner. Until then, we’re bringing you Update 1.2 of Watch Dogs 2 ScriptHook!

This updates includes some new, incredibly helpful lua scripting functions to interact with nearby entities. There finally is a way to get a list of nearby entities! Yes, it sounds mundane, but previously there was no integrated way of doing such a thing in the game’s scripting engine. We can’t wait to see what you will create with these new functions!


  • Vehicles: Change license plate, move vehicle model parts, toggle individual lights/siren
  • Set all traffic lights at once
  • Lua scripting:
    • Added ScriptHook.GetEntitiesInRange(), .GetEntitiesWithComponent(), .GetEntityClassName(), .GetEntityComponents(), .EntityHasComponent(), UI.SimpleTextInput()
    • Replaced ScriptHook.RepairLocalPlayerVehicle() with ScriptHook.RepairVehicle()
    • Added Script:OnRender callback for drawing onto the screen + related drawing methods
  • Fix trainer menu on high-DPI screens
  • Crash fixes

Download & Installation

As usual, the installation or update process of WD2SH is as simple as possible:

  1. Download HERE Alternatively: Download ZIP
  2. Install
  3. Done!

If you find any bugs, or want to submit general feedback, feel free to do so on our Discord Server!

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